Building Your Brand With Three Great Strategies For Finding Leads

Have you spent time thinking of wanting to brand your business by generating more leads online?

Any business owner definitely would do this, by planning effectively, the key strategies to produce short term and long term results.

I want to layout for you 3 strategies that are time tested by the top earners and I have found time and time again that virtually all top earners online use these strategies to build their business.

I’ve been working in the home online business industry since 2008 and I’ve seen different traffic and lead fads come and go, however there are 3 strategies that have stood the test of time for not just getting residual leads, but building your brand in the process.


Video Marketing

The fact is, to share your message online video is the most productive and effective communicator there is online. Many of the top earners online are using videos!

Video is the best medium to communicate and build rapport with leads and prospects online.

An easy and effective way to start getting leads is by creating short video status updates and posting them on Facebook with your cell phone because they have very high resolution for videos!

The reason for using your cellphone is because Facebook allows individuals to share what they are doing right then and there. What is happening right now in their business! What have they just learned?

Creating videos while you are out and about living life gives you the opportunity to build your business with new strategies immediately after you have learned them.

You have the opportunity to share your value as you learn it!


When building a business, I’m sure it is for a longer period of time and you should consider adding a blog about your business.

When you are creating a business and your friends they will ask you immediately what industry, brand or product are you attempting to market.

So a blog becomes your central marketing hub online which allows your leads, prospects, and customers to find information about your business so that they can get to know, like and trust you.

A blog provides the perfect opportunity to place content about your business and it’s a perfect place to inform people about your programs that you promote.

One of the key benefits of having your own blog is that it allows you to brand the products and programs you promote along with your name.

Another key factor is that you own your blog and it is your property which can never be taken away from you.

The more people that visit your blog, the more familiar they become with you and your products and content.

The best part about blogging and online videos is that your content stays out there forever and is available 24 hours a day!

Over time as one creates content and videos, it provides people the opportunity to know you and which then creates a residual traffic effect that allows for getting more leads and sales on autopilot.

Social Media Networking

There is no doubt that rounding out the top 3 strategies is social media networking. Part of a marketer’s daily routine requires reaching out and connecting with people on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and with any other social media sites you participate in.

Social media is a money-making activity for any business recruiting people to learn online strategies, meet contacts and to create sales.

Online marketing definitely requires building relationships so social media is definitely a strategy where you can meet people and cultivate those relationships.

This is a business built on relationships. I have friends on Facebook I have never met and yet, if I were to call them and let them know I would be in town, they would offer their couch for me to stay.

So you can see that’s how powerful social media is and I would strongly encourage you to use it, because YOU SHOULD!

Remember that it is important to use social media in the right way as people come to social media to SOCIALIZE. Their expectations are they are not there to be pitched but have come to SOCIALIZE! So just remember to keep your socializing in the proper context.

So to carry out the strategies of building your brand and finding leads:

  • Start with a goal and consider breaking that goal down into monthly, weekly and daily goals.
  • Search and determine the skills that are required to learn now to get the results
  • Create a calendar to schedule your tasks. Tasks not written down are left undone.
  • Track your successes and then evaluate where you need to improve.
  • Keep the attitude playing to win!


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