When You Hit The Wall In Your Business What Is The Next Step?

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I knew I was frustrated with my online business and felt paralyzed and then I realized I was not implementing the correct ways to find me online and so I set a new goal. I needed to set up my blog and start creating Videos and placing them on YouTube, using Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat to become visible online.

I did not want to stop and run away because had studied and read a lot about Online Home Business Marketing, Network Marketing and Video Marketing.

I had built a home renovation business before and at my age with an arthritic knee I needed to direct my energy in a different direction. The frustration in home renovations was that people wanted the work done very cheaply and then in some cases people would not pay.

I came across a blog post by Dr. Lisa M Thompson where she shared her experience where she had just recently broken through a wall in her personal life that was affecting her business. By reading her post it confirm for me that I needed to ask for help and receive coaching in my business.


She shared that during a hangout with a friend and leader Diane Hochman, Diane shared that one way to overcome those walls was to ask for help. Lisa shared that when she asked for help it always seemed to come from a sense of weakness and there were fears, asking for help. Diane Hochman related that when she asked for help, people who she never thought would come to her aid, gave her aid and Diane felt she could over come the wall. She felt that she is now going to experience major success with that breakthrough.

From this experience on the hangout, Lisa realized she wanted to set a new goal where she was trying to close leads better on the telephone and increase her sales conversations for her business. She wanted to achieve this goal within 30 days. She indicated she had tracked the right mentors and coaches and did everything that she was told to do and didn’t get any results.


Due to this wall a sudden painful childhood memory came up and it reflected back to her childhood experience. Lisa was eight years old and attended a Catholic school and being taught by a nun sister, Dorthy. Lisa was learning penmanship and she was supposed to fold her paper into thirds and did not understand how to do this. She raised her hand and asked for help. After asking for help from sister Dorothy, the nun took the piece of paper and crumbled it up and threw it in her face and said don’t ask for help as it is a sign of weakness. You should know how to do this Lisa and then asked Lisa to sit in the corner of the room and be punished. Lisa indicated she was terrified and cried the whole time and was so terrified that she could not even tell her parents about it, because a child of this time in the 70s, knew because my mom and dad did not question the authority of religious leaders especially if they were teaching their children. Lisa was terrified that if she asked for help that it was a sign of weakness and if she did she was going to be punished.


From this negative perception from childhood Lisa had adopted an attitude that she had to figure everything out on her own. She took massive action trying to do anything and everything trying to figure things out on her own because she had developed this intense fear of asking for help so when this happen in her business she was so afraid to ask her two mentors who are the most wonderful people in the world and she was terrified to raise her hand and say I need help. On the hangout mastermind call with Diane Hochman she reminded the team that when you raise your hand to ask for help it is not a sigh of weakness, but a sign of meekness and that is the first beatitude in the Bible. Blessed are the meek in the world because they will inherit the earth. Meekness does not mean weakness! What meekness means is that you cannot do this on your own and there are times that you need to reach out and ask for help and guidance and that is okay.


So as I have reached out for coaching and I now invite you today is reach out and ask for help when you require assistance. You are going to find out that there are people more than willing to lend you a hand and give you support, encouragement and they will extend their hand to help you over your backbreaking wall!


Be sure to ask for help when the wall confronts you!

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