How to Network & Connect on Facebook to Build Relationships and Make Sales

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I plan to share with you some Facebook Secrets to Connect with YOUR BEST Prospects, Build Relationships, Get Leads, Close Sales, and Make Money…all via Social Networking for free on Facebook!

What You Will Learn

  • How to find excellent prospects?
  • How to start a conversation with a guaranteed higher response rate?
  • How to approach people and build rapport with them in your business and how you can get them to approach YOU which is very, very, important?
  • How to get prospects on the phone in a very simple tactic but very important as well.
  • Demonstrate some closing tactics, so once you get them hooked and you have set the bait out there, how do you get them into your business?

The Perfect Prospect

Find the perfect prospect is the most important step in this process and why it is the most important step is because when you are talking to a qualified person that is good for your business, the conversation takes on a whole new form. The reason being if you just contact anyone and start a conversation it may seem fast in the short term but in the long run, it is going to take more time and waste more of your time because and that person is not qualified so this is how you find the perfect prospect and I will give you some examples.

  • Take time to look in groups or on fan pages, so you go to Facebook search box and you search for groups and fan pages that have to do with your industry.
  • Look at the status updates that people post in your industry groups and fan pages and look for the status updates that an authority figure has posted and then you want to look at the comments.
  • Look for people making intelligent comments and look for certain characteristics in that person. You’re looking for someone that is:
    • Making a positive comment that is upbeat and not negative because how they interact on Facebook they act in real life.
    • Interact with smart and intelligent people because you do not want people who are misspelling words and are careless making statements.
    • You want someone that is non-argumentative.
    • You want to work with someone who is active and whose updates are recent and more likely they are active and more likely they will respond to you.
  • First send them a personal message and a friend request and I would encourage you to send them at the same time, first a message and then a friend request.
  • Go to the top of the Facebook search box an type in a name that you think would go along with what your industry is or product or something that connects to your intent.
  • Jessica Higdon suggests Robert Kiyosaki because he is an entrepreneur and encourages Internet Network Marketing entrepreneurs to investigate this way of making a living. This fan page has something like 614,000 fans and there are 800 million people on Facebook.
  • Another amazing fan page is Randy Gage and I highly recommend it because it has great people on it’s page.
  • Personal trainers or health and wellness
  • Network Marketing Pro and different things others like Eric Worre’s page as this is amazing one but just be prepared to get pitched because most of the people on this page are network marketers and the leader in this presentation that I’m going to share with you how to turn that around so how to turn it around when you are being pitched!
  • Think of people, places, things that have to do with your niche so again my prospects are not going to be ideal for you and your prospects might not be ideal for me and vice versa. So just remember to use some common sense and get the things that are ideal for you.

Initial Message

So let’s look at the initial message that you want to send somebody when you are talking to them and you are finding perfect prospects. And this is where, honestly I tweeted this because this is where I see a lot of people messing up. They want to get their presence out there so quickly and they have so little patience and that they’re not willing to just to slow down to get to know the person first.

  • Send a personal message with their name in the subject line!
  • So if they can see it is a personal message and this is a really nice touch so that they know that this person is actually really messaging them rather than copy, paste, copy, paste.
  • Look at their profile and find some common ground and make sure you are approaching them with something that you can relate to them.
  • Make the initial message just a hello, do not under any circumstances give any links, no matter what they are!! So even if you want to send them to your fan page don't put that in the first message.
  • Tell them why you are messaging them, okay, and be sincere. I'm messaging you because I saw your post in Robert Kiyosaki’s fan page group and I just thought it was so amazing what you wrote and I thought it was so intelligent for you to say that you actually care about what other people think rather than just spamming them all the time and where you have taken time to learn about the person before you go pitching them or before bringing up your business.

Building Rapport

This is where people struggle the MOST, as I see these strategies and I see people, they have no patience! Okay I get it, because in the beginning I needed to make money and I really didn't care about patience at all but something I learned very quickly is sometimes taking the short cut to be wrong and be cut so to speak, and it can be the longest route of all because you are basically ruining all your relationships.

  • NO SENDING LINKS until asked or given the go ahead!
  • Your conversations should not be short messages, you want to get detailed with the person. If you are building rapport you are building detail with the person and does not mean you are writing a book but I mean you have something to talk about and your getting the conversation going.
  • So I think it's a good general rule to follow and of course there are exceptions. You know some people are going to ask you about your business right away or sometimes there is just opening that you can’t refuse but a good general rule is don't pitch your business before the first three messages, because this is where rapport really being built.
  • Never get defensive and if someone is negative move on, because there are way to many people to talk to and way to little time through out the day.
  • DO make yourself out to be somewhat of an expert.
  • DO ask a lot of questions to get the conversation going.
  • DO bring up your business casually in conversation until it comes down to the opening where you can actually send them a link, bring it up casually.
  • DO have content created to make yourself look credible:
    • So that goes back up to making yourself out to look like an expert. If you have content that is created and then people are going to look at you and say wow this person knows what they are talking about.
    • So MLSP can really help you with this. So if you just create a video on Network marketing or the struggles you see or what ever or you create a blog and create an article, just one piece of content and you can funnel people to the materials if they have questions, it makes you look that much more incredible.
  • It is really up to you whether you want to lead them into your own business or you want to funnel them into MLSP.
  • Either way it is great to provide two options because that way you have two different markets that you can cater to. You have people that are struggling with what ever they are doing or their current online network marketing business and they want to do something else so because you are building up rapport here looking like the authority figure and you helping them with advise then you can follow them to your primary business or you have the people that are struggling with their company and they want to stick with it and they are just out of options. Well now you have MLSP for them so it is great to have two options.


  • Closing begins from the minute you start building rapport with them, and have the attitude of “I’m here to make a friend, and if you want to learn more about what I’m doing, I’m happy to share” So you always want to have that attitude and remember this the process and the worst thing that can happen is you make a friend and they do not join your business! It is not the end of the world. But I guarantee you some of them will join

Important Things To Remember

  • Your profile is just as important as your conversations so a lot of people ask me about my business from my profile and what I have posted. You can post about your business and let people know what you do but do not be overly overbearing about what you do. Post some great content on their as well in Facebook as well as articles and videos and there is a science to this.
  • Ask a lot of questions, but not in an awkward way such as 2 questions per message and this is a great way to start.
  • Make sure you have an opening to pitch your business or MLSP and do not start pitching without having an opening.
  • Make sure you find a good person to talk to and spend some time on this step because this step is extremely important. If your not talking to the right person from the beginning and you can say all the right things and see an amazing future but this person does not take action it is because they are not the right person so spend time finding the right people to talk to.


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