Online Success In Your Online Business Requires Four Pillars

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After studying many of the online home base business elite marketers I came to realize that there are four major pillars required to build a home based business. I see all 4 pillars required to providing content to their leads and prospects where a potential buyer can get to know, like and trust their marketer. I strongly believe that each marketer must have these four pillars.

Those four pillars consist of:

Pillar #1. You need a type of really crucial system a place where you can tap into an online community that has tools like capture pages, auto responders, CRM (your customer relationship manager), funnelizer, and training. I am a huge proponent of My Lead System Pro (MLSP) as my system provider. They are the pillars that I need to be able to function on the Internet. The tools are constantly being advanced and being brought forward. You can literally create a sales page or a sales funnel literally in 60 seconds! It is that powerful!

You can market anything you want, your primary opportunity, the MLSP campaigns that are already created and any affiliate products. What is great about the system is that you can use the funnelizer which allows you to is the funnel creator allows you to create capture pages and as you obtain leads and prospects you can funnel this information about your clients into your CRM so that you can follow up with them.

Also as you are meeting people on Facebook you want to get them into the CRM. When you are meeting people on YouTube and you are conversing back-in-forth on YouTube, you can generate a lead from it and you want to get them into the CRM.

This all ties together in a huge way as you meet people and you are connecting the people through the system, which is interrelated and interlocked. This MLSP community is a really awesome community system with a lot of amazing training that is cutting edge and assists you in getting more leads and sales.

Pillar #2. Is Facebook Profile page and the Facebook Fan Page because I believe it is critical because Facebook is one of those places where Mark Harbert calls it his networker’s stomping grounds and it is a place where you can connect with tons of people because just about everyone has a Facebook page because young people exchange activities in there daily lives and elderly people can keep in touch with their families. So it is a great way to connect, network and build your business online with people. I sign up people all the time through Facebook and that is where I interact with people and I really connect.

So having a Facebook Page is really crucial and there are two types, a Profile Page and a Fan Page. A Profile Page is more of a personal page and you have to be very careful that you do not do very much business on that profile personal page account. The reason for this is understandable because it was made for connecting with friends, networking with friends. You can talk about business on a personal profile, a little. Not much, just a little!

When it comes to business I recommend you set up a Facebook Fan Page where you can tap into and inform people about your business activities and talk business. I’ve also learned that when you are working in the base business industry; brand your business using your own name.

Pillar #3. I believe is a YouTube channel without question. Having a YouTube channel, where you are really able to focus on creating excellent valuable videos and then post those valuable content pump videos on YouTube. Since these videos are stored on YouTube you can create Google Hangouts to inform your prospects with valuable content. These videos can also be used on your blog and Facebook Fan Pages where you can inform prospects when they check out your blog and Facebook Fan Page. Always remember to focus on creating quality value added videos because YouTube wants high valuable content on their site!

Pillar #4 I believe is having a home based online blog where people can find you and get the opportunity to know, like and trust you as an integral, honest, and hard working online marketer. Your blog is your home on the Internet, it is your house online where you can invite people to your house to see who you are, get to know you and build a online Internet marketing relationships where customers can learn about you and you control 100%. Mark Harbert has been building his online business for over 7 years and quoting Mark Harbert: “I believe in blogging and a from the very beginning because I knew when I got going it was one of the most crucial parts and I totally believe that you should have a self posted word press blog. Check out any big leaders out on the Internet and look on their emails that they often send you to their own blog where they provide further information and this is a point that I cannot stress enough as to how important a blog is.”

It all fits together in an incredible cycle and these are the four pillars that really make all the difference. So, my recommendation for you today is set up in a system in MLSP as I work with all of my mastery members very closely. We have masterminds working together every other week and we can help you and is a great way for you to get started online and I highly recommend it!

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