Setting Up Your Facebook Profile Customization

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I want to take you to your Facebook profile and share with you how to set up and customize your profile. This information is taken from however if you not have an account My Lead System Pro you will not have access to this page.


Log in to your Facebook profile page and follow these instructions.

  • Go to your dashboard inside Facebook then
  • Click on the Edit Profile right underneath your name and here we go!


Creating Your Cover Photo on Your Facebook Page

Next I would encourage you to add in a Cover Photo to your Facebook page as this is recommended by Home Business professionals. Select through

  • Upload a Photo
  • Add Synced Photo
  • Choose from My Photos
  • It is one thing to just upload your own photo of your self and actually create a Cover Photo Page where you upload a picture of your self and also create a a branded image of your self and your business. To obtain a Cover Photo you can go to and find one photo that you like and add this photo cover to your profile.
  • Then click Make This My Facebook Cover and then click okay and add this to your Facebook profile. You’ll have a little watermark in their top left-hand corner of your profile page on Facebook because you just don’t wand to use any copyrighted photos or images that you do not license to and that’s how you get a pretty decent already done for you Cover Page.


Edit Your Information

  • The next thing you want to do is edit your information. Along the top of your Facebook page and you have a white box to search Facebook and further along on the solid blue strip find the small round globe and click on it. Once you click on that globe a drop down opens up and then click on Settings, and then Click on Privacy and now edit!
  • Now since this going to be your business profile you want to make sure that everyone can see your posts. You can edit your security settings here where it says who can see your future posts?
  • So what you want to do is make sure that it is Public so that everyone can see your posts and then hit Close and your information should automatically be saved, and everyone can see your posts!
  • Check to see that you have your information entered correctly by going to your profile and click on Up Date Profile.
  • Here you can add in your workplace, professional skill, university training, high school training, and then you can add in places you have lived, your contact information and basic info.
  • So here I would recommend that you edit your email and make sure that you have your email appropriately set up there and the only appropriate ones that you want to see this, is your friends and contacts and that it is hidden from your time line.
  • Click on Save Changes and add a mobile phone number. I would recommend that you put this in if you want people to call you and if not, then just leave it blank! I would not recommend putting your address as you want to keep your self a bit anonymous and if you have a website make sure you add that in here as well.


Other items to add:

  • Languages you speak
  • Also create a video so people can learn more about you and your business.
  • The more likes and interests that you add to your Facebook profile the easier it is to connect with people and individuals of similar interests on Facebook.
  • The last thing that I would recommend for you to do is going to Settings and then Notifications then go through Setting and Customize all you settings to where you want them.
    • Customize your Notifications to where you want them.
    • Unsubscribe to those you do not want.
    • At some point later if there is a notification you do not want then come back and drop that notification, specifically.

That is how you set up your Facebook profile and make sure that you will be connected to other individuals.


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