Setting Up Your Profile and Your Fan Page on Facebook

Profile or Fan Page

When it comes to working on Social Media with Facebook the big question that always appears is, do I use my profile or my fan page to build my business via Social Media Facebook? Which is the best way to build your business using Facebook? Mark Harbert indicates that there is no real right answer however he does expound on that and I add to it then. Mark personally prefers a fan page because a fan page is more business focused.

When your looking at fan page you will see a banner with a brand on it, it will have the owners picture and a tag line that looks more like a business in a sense and we are looking for it to look and feel a lot more professional which constitutes the basics of a fan page that we are looking for.

The Difference Between A Profile And A Fan Page

Now let us closely point out the big difference between using a profile as compared to a fan page. If you use the fan page to build your business and to build up an audience you then have the ability to run ads to those people who have liked your page. You then can build your community from that fan page. You can NOT do that from a Profile however from a Profile you do NOT have the ability to run ads to the people you have developed as friends on your Facebook who have LIKED your Fan Page.

This becomes a big disadvantage when you look down the road. Yes, some people have successfully used their Profile to build their business. Mark strongly recommends that you have a fan page and put the focus on the Fan Page so you have the ability to send out ads and to boost those ads as you build your business.

Benefits Of Building Your Business From A Fan Page

It really is important that you recognize the benefits of building your business from a Fan Page and it is very simple! From the Fan Page you have the ability to boost a post, a video, an image to make sure your fans can see that post, video or image which is a huge benefit that you can NOT do on a Profile. It not to say that one is right and the other is wrong, however having the many benefits you can exercise on a Fan Page is very valuable.

So the question is whether to use a Fan Page or Profile to build a business with Facebook and the answer is use a Fan Page because of the benefits that come with the Fan Page because as you build up your audience you can run ads to them, you can boost the ads, the posts, videos or images which continues to build a larger audience with Facebook.

Okay, A Profile or a Fan Page?

So the question is whether to use a Profile or Fan Page and from this point forward we will be talking about using a Fan Page because we want to run ads to the people and the audience we build up! Okay! A very simple answer to a very simple question, and again not necessarily right or wrong but for this purpose we will be using a Fan Page!


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