Understanding The True Spirit Of Facebook

The True Spirit of Facebook

One of the keys to understanding how powerful Facebook is in the marketing of products online is that you must understand the true spirit of Facebook. The spirit of Facebook is truly crucial and if you mess this part up and do not get it right, all the rest will be very difficult to understand and grasp.

Facebook is not the correct site to advertise your business constantly because when you understand this and you know that people are there to socialize and to connect, they are there to view content, they are there to share content and are there for many different reasons and truly important is that they are NOT there to BUY stuff.

Now before you angrily respond, hey I want to sell stuff also and yes we all know this, however on a social media website you need to use social media websites for the purpose they were created and the proper context for which they were created! Be social and exchange your information with your family, friends and with as many people as possible.

Perry Belcher's Vision of Facebook

In explaining and understanding the true Spirit of Face book, Mark Harbert in his blog post “The Fundamental Key To Successful Facebook Marketing” and Mark believes that a video on social media marketing by Perry Belcher an extremely successful Internet marketer, gives the best explanation on social media marketing that went viral, and still to this day is the best explanation that Mark has ever heard on social media. Mark claims that if you follow this basic blueprint you will immediately begin to have more success than the other guy posting spammy links on many social media sites. Mark’s blogpost is at: markharbert.com/facebook-marketing/

Perry Belcher immediately explains that he has never made $1.00 on Social Media sites and that social media is NOT for making money but for making friends, connecting with family, connecting with fellow network marketers and just exchanging information with other people. Now Perry is very quick to explain that, yes, he has made money and always will make money via Internet but just not through Social Media Accounts!

The basic sociology of how we make money on the street or in person is still the same. Basically the use of using social media is using exactly the same methods that has been used for years.

As people are going to various parties and you socialize and exchange ideas with many friends and business owners taking about life, what is going on in your life, talking about your kids, talking about your family, and your vacation! At the same party, maybe someone comes up to you and says “Hey, Perry I hear you do Online Internet marketing, can you help me with this?” Perry immediately responds with, “Absolutely!”,   and he helps them right there! Also be open to tell them stories and entertain them as best you can.

Perry is associated with over 20 different social media sites and he views each site as a party where you socialize and talk about your family, friends, and what you do on a regular basis without marketing your stuff.

In addition to connecting with people through social media, he also has a blog, which is the place he calls his home online. When you go to his Blog (digital marketer), you learn that he has numerous blog posts, numerous Products he has for sale, numerous Podcasts, a Contact Page and a Start Here page where he teaches people about Internet marketing and how to build an unstoppable business.

The whole concept that Perry Belcher shares is that when you go to parties you exchange information about people you know, about experiences you have lived with numerous people treating them as you would family or friends. As you visit and share various conversations it leads to information and experiences you have had and as you share often you connect about very similar experiences and because of those shared experiences people make connections with various people.

Being on several social media sites, sharing your experiences and ideas, with other people will connect with you and as you exchange ideas and stories and, the information gets shared on various sites, the people that are interest ask if they can connect with that person who has the information or the product they asked about and how they can be connected to that person with the information or product.

So often people start with Facebook first, because of its popularity and the numerous people that are already engaged with Facebook. So as people exchange information no product is sold but through the information exchange the person who wants the product then finds the marketer and when they connect through a blog, an email or website and the person wanting the product can go there to purchase the product. Social Media is the place where information is shared and exchanged but no products are sold on the site.

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