Use A Blog In Three Ways To Build Your Online Business

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I have studied numerous online business marketers and they claim that there are three main ways a blog can be used to build your business online.

Generate Leads

To build a business and for a business to remain viable it requires new leads and prospects who want to learn and grow their business. It is a real necessity to have a blog today where prospects can come to your blog to be able to know, like, learn and trust the materials you have available for the market place.

More and more marketers have found that users love to consume quality content online because it requires vast amount of knowledge to bring valuable content to the consumer. This makes sense because we all search online to find answers to our questions and the Internet is a viable asset to search for the topics we require!

There are some tips that you should follow in order to make sure your blog is optimized for lead generation purposes. Often people have way too much crap like banners, widgets etc. in the sidebars of their blog causing a huge distraction from the content provided.

Creating too many options for people confuses the reader and in the end the read does nothing. You want to focus on clean and simple when building your blog.

You want two basic options for people visiting your blog, consume content, or have them opt in, that is the goal! Any more than those two options and you risk loosing the reader each time and therefore no lead. So remember keep it simple and clean for a sure recipe for getting the lead every time.

Building Your Brand

The best way for people to get to know, like and trust you are building a personal blog and for sure it is my favorite way!

Just by people reading “My Story” page many people have contacted me just based on what I shared.

Just think when people obtain a glimpse into your life and your business, what a powerful opportunity to connect with your visitor as they scan your site and learn about your business and your skills.

The power of the blog is that it becomes the ultimate branding tool for your business as it creates you as an authority with the valuable content you provide your prospect. The blog does not have to have this huge flare but by developing valuable content can have a huge impact!

When you check out numerous blogs you may find some that are very un-attractive blogs, however that blog generated them almost a million dollars in one year before they even had some time to make it look good.

A Blog Becomes the Central Hub

In order to show case your value to the world, you require a place to house your content. Many businesses use the blog as their home base or headquarters for their operation. You too can create a blog for the same reason to build your business online.

Do you have products to sell, affiliate products developed by high top earners or do you have a business opportunity to market? Well a blog can be excellent tool to showcase your products, affiliate products and other business opportunities.

The key component of your blog and blog post is to create high valuable content that people find worthwhile as they look around your blog and stubble on offers and information you have posted. Very powerful!

Providing people with high valuable content the customer will decide when the time is right for them pull the trigger on your offers without any flashing sales pitch. Just provide the true benefits of the products rather than the invaluable features.

Providing value works incredibly well as your prospects and visitors do not feel pressured and today people will Google your name to find out who you are. That gives them the opportunity to find your blog first.

Mark Harbert noted that he had look at the stats over the course of the year and he noted that 100 people had search his name and he was glad they found his blog first!




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